You cannot
get divorced
without your
husband’s approval
Your husband
can demand
you surrender
your rights, your assets,
even your children,
just to go free.
You can never remarry
without a gett.
Any children you have
will legally be mamzerim.
This is the reality
For 1 in 5 women
who seek a divorce.
a world without agunot.
You can choose
Love and mutual respect.
You can choose

זו המציאות עבור 1 מתוך 5 נשים בארץ המבקשות להתגרש

Israeli law gives the husband the absolute right
to refuse his wife a divorce, and to impose any terms he wants.

Thousands of women in Israel are trapped
because their husbands refuse to grant them a divorce or gett.

No matter how you get married, there is only one way to get divorced –
through the religious courts

We believe that every woman should be free to leave her marriage without permission, without penalty and without payment.


Mavoi Satum is leading the change
for thousands of women in Israel.

Change is possible.

There are halachic solutions. 
There are legal changes that can be made.
There is a lot we can do to protect ourselves, our sisters, our daughters.

Join us.
Stand for freedom.

In the past 10 years Mavoi Satum has helped more than:
women with legal representation and assistance
women obtain their get
women with emotional and social support
Women tell their stories
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