Open Doors - Women testimonies from the Rabbinical courts

“Before this whole experience I did not even know what an ‘Aguna’ was. I thought it was something prehistoric, belonging to ancient times. I did not even know it could happen in this day and age, and to me! And suddenly – it became my life…”


Age: 38
Time spent fighting for Get: 4.5 Years
Year of Get: 2017
“My experience in the Rabbinic high court was extremely difficult. Each time I was there, I felt that I was encountering resistance from the dayanim (rabbinic judges) who were very unhelpful. They did not listen to me, did not let me speak, and did not really care about my predicament. While I was speaking in court, one dayan fell asleep and another fiddled with his phone. I had travelled a long distance to arrive to the court sessions with my young child and the Dayanim would be late for court sessions and did not take these sessions seriously . Many of the hearings were postponed and I did not receive answers back in time. I felt helpless. “
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