I come from a religious home, and alongside my love for religion, prayer and Torah study I have a strong feminist consciousness that often challenges my Halakhic conception.
When my partner and I got engaged, I knew that in light of these tensions, I would prefer to build the chuppa ceremony as a ritual I followed according to my worldview, rather than the view of the rabbinical establishment.
I did not want to align myself with the establishment, which in my eyes fills its role sinfully, by being unnecessarily strict in many cases and thus distancing people from religion instead of bringing them closer. This is reflected in many areas such as kosher certification for restaurants, clarification of Jewish status, conversion of people from the USSR and the rabbinate’s attitude toward the Ethiopian community in the country.
Also, when we decided to get married Halakhically, I knew I was putting myself in a situation where the relationship between a man and a woman was not equal. Therefore, in order to avoid as much as possible Halakhic situations of refusal to grant a divorce and Aguna status resulting from the inequality of halakhic marriage, we turned to Mavoi Satum. We have greatly benefited from the organization, and have received professional and attentive guidance throughout the process, for which we are sincerely grateful.
If you are planning a wedding – know that you have options!