When we tried to think of the ceremony and celebration that best suited us, we wanted to take into account not only our desires and beliefs, but also to respect our parents and our families. We wanted to build our own rituals, yet have equality of expression.  We wanted to express our relationship in our own way, but on the other hand we wanted our families to feel comfortable and respected. It was important to them that the ceremony be according to tradition, according to Halacha.

Thus we found the most suitable solution that reconciles with our desires and respects our family – a Jewish wedding which does not require registration with the rabbinate, which was very important to us. A ritual that preserves the symbols and customs according to Halacha but allows a lot of flexibility and especially a ritual that is egalitarian. We read words to our guests and to each other, we gave rings to each other, women also read the seven blessings and thus we honored key women in our lives. It turns out that all of these are allowed according to Halacha … We did not know that.

We as a couple were the center of the ceremony, we were very connected to what was going on and we felt that our family and friends around us, and those standing next to us under the chuppa were also very excited. To be honest, they were very proud that they were approached by friends and family after the ceremony who expressed great excitement at the great significance given to the marriage ceremony.

The signing of a prenuptial agreement and Aguna prevention agreement were also significant, another huge plus for us. We did not devote much thought to the issue because we are not thinking about separation, but we were happy to sign agreements that continue to exercise our belief in equality in relationships.

We have twin daughters today, and we are waiting for the moment we will sit together to watch the wedding ceremony, and they will see Dad and Mom together tell about the relationship and the future they are planning for them,  This is the example of the relationship we want to build. Dad and Mom together, equal.