We chose a Halakhic wedding that is not through the rabbinate for a number of reasons. First of all – it was important for us to preserve the tradition but without losing the value of equality and mutual respect that is missing in the marriage process in the rabbinate and especially the chuppa ceremony. Second, we wanted to have a special connection with the rabbi, as a person we value and cherish as a man of values and not because of the title of “rabbi”. In the rabbinical institution we did not think we could find a rabbi who would devote time to study with us, get to know us personally and provide us with an in-depth Jewish experience. Finally, we wanted to emphasize that our wedding in 2018 is also a political act: it is possible without the Rabbinate Institution. It is not an integral component of a Jewish wedding in Israel. Only by disconnecting the institution from the Jewish circle of life can we bring the Israeli public back to Judaism.