When we finally decided to get married, we were bothered by some essential things. We recoiled from the rabbinate’s involvement in our ceremony and life. We also recoiled from the presence of a stranger in the moments of the ceremony where we sign the course of our lives. We wanted a personal, original and intimate ceremony.
On the other hand we knew it was important for our families that we get married in a Halachik Jewish ceremony.
A Halachik private marriage ceremony answered all of these wishes. We were especially pleased that my father (Shira, the bride) would marry us in a ceremony we designed ourselves, with what was important to us.


עיגול קטן - השפעה גדולה

בכל רכישה בכרטיס האשראי שלך יעוגל סכום הקנייה לשקל הקרוב ואותן אגורות ייתרמו למבוי סתום.
לדוגמא: קניתם בסכום של 53.70 ש”ח? תרמתם 30 אגורות.
תרומה חודשית ממוצעת היא 4 שקלים לחודש.

תרצו לעגל לטובת מבוי סתום?

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