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Guidance, treatment and emotional support

Most women who undergo a Get refusal or Aginut also carry around the emotional weight of an abusive history within their marital relationship. Simultaneously, they have to deal with the difficulties associated with the divorce process on the part of the husband, the children and the system, as well the day-to-day responsibilities of being a wife and mother. Recognizing that this period is not a simple one, we at Mavoi Satum, work to provide the best treatment, guidance and support for each woman, according to her individual needs.

Our department consists of trained social workers with relevant master’s degrees and female students who specialize in trauma and women’s issues.

Our prime objective is to support you and help meet all of your needs.

We offer an extensive range of services, including the following:

Emotional support and guidance

We are in continuous contact with you throughout the process, from the date of the initial application until a Get is ultimately provided and thereafter. 

Know your rights

We work together in order to ensure that your rights are fully exercised with respect to the relevant institutions.

Individual therapy

 We offer long-term emotional therapy to any woman who feels she needs it. (This service is provided at a very nominal cost).

Group Therapy

The strength of a group is a significant and empowering force. We use this force to provide you with as broad a support system as possible during the difficult time you are going through. The groups deal with a variety of issues such as personal/financial empowerment, parental training, etc.

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