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The get-refusal problem should have been solved more than 30 years ago – opinion

12 March 2022

“One in five women is refused a get from her ex-husband when they divorce, making it impossible for her to remarry.

This week, on March 17, it will be 30 years since Israel passed the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty. Thirty years of a foundational law demanding universal human dignity and liberty should be cause for celebration. But how can society celebrate when so many are excluded from enjoying the human dignity and liberty described in the law?

How can it be that in the 30 years since this law has been enacted, women can still not marry or divorce freely? Why has the issue of agunah – women refused a divorce by their husbands – not been solved?

Rachel (an alias for privacy reasons) began enduring horrific physical and verbal abuse shortly after she married. She had one young child and the couple decided to divorce. Her husband fled the country to avoid paying alimony and did not give Rachel a get (a Jewish bill of divorce). After 20 years of agunah, Mavoi Satum, an organization fighting for the rights of agunah, represented her in the beit din, the rabbinic court.”

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Mavoi Satum stands with Am Yisrael during this difficult time and prays for the safety of our soldiers and the quick return of all hostages. We also pray that women will not be left behind as agunot after the war.

We are doing our part to keep the homefront strong, committed to protecting women from further suffering and helping them gain freedom from marriage entrappment.

Join us in these efforts – couples can sign a halachic protective document to grant others’ power of attorney to give a get.


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