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Twenty percent of women who get divorced in Israel experience blackmail or are denied a divorce. Sometimes it’s hard to label an experience when it is happening to you. Throughout the years we have met many women who don’t know that a divorce process doesn’t have to be this way.

If one of the following happens to you, you are likely being refused a Get or are in danger of being an Agunah:

  • Your husband sets conditions for the divorce.
  • Your husband claims he wants “Shalom Bayit” in court despite the fact that you live separately.
  • Your husband is artificially delaying the divorce proceedings.
  • Your husband has disappeared within Israel or has fled abroad and does not show up for hearings.
  • Your husband threatens to flee abroad as part of the discourse surrounding the divorce.
  • Your husband has a medical condition that makes him unable to provide a Get.
  • The case is stuck in court and there has been no significant progress.

We have been representing Agunot and those denied a divorce in their struggle for a Get for over twenty years. Using the legal and halakhic knowledge accumulated in the organization, we present the grounds for filing a divorce to the courts, and demand that sanctions be imposed on the husband until a Get is granted. Where necessary, we also deal with the appeals, subpoenas, delivery of the Get, etc. If the husband is unable to provide a Get or is not present, we seek creative halakhic solutions to free the wife from her marriage without a divorce. In cases where the national courts do not provide an appropriate solution, we also enlist the help of private courts.

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