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Public Advocacy - A World Without Agunot

Since its establishment in 1995 Mavoi Satum has been active on the issue of agunot and mesurevot get. In addition to assisting individual women, we have been advocating on their behalf, as well as pursuing system-wide change and our vision of a world without aginut, where women are free.

In order to achieve this vision we work to improve public awareness and influence public opinion on the issue of agunot and divorce refusal or “Gett Abuse”. We lobby members of Knesset, Rabbinical leaders, and public opinion leaders to help implement halachic and legal solutions to the problem. We promote legal reforms and regulatory reforms. We pressure the state to ensure procedural justice and the enforcement of existing laws. We submit supreme court appeals to address inequities and create legal precedents to help all women.


Aginut and sarvanut get is not an intractable problem – but rather is a legal and halachic inequality which has legal and halachic remedies. There are solutions and they are neither impossible nor costly to apply. The current “status quo” simply rewards abuse, blackmail and extortion. 

Every woman should be free to leave her marriage, freely and with dignity, without having to sacrifice her children, her rights or assets, and without having to suffer long delays or to succumb to extortion or abuse.

Our public advocacy work includes:


If you or your friends want to start a circle of supporters in your area, please contact us. We invite you to join us in whatever way you can.
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