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Women who received support from Mavoi Satum share their stories:

The process of obtaining a Get is not simple and requires mental, physical and financial means. The women who turn to us at Mavoi Satum receive the highest level of professional assistance from lawyers and social workers, alongside a warm and caring family environment. We consider assisting Agunot and women who are denied a Get a great privilege and therefore invest in each of them wholeheartedly. 

You are invited to read the following experiences of women who we worked with and who eventually obtained a Get:


The overall experience was amazing. The highlight for me was the support I received from the lawyers and the personal approach they took when answering all of my questions. The feeling of knowing that others really cares about me and I am not alone is worth more than gold!


A listening ear and a little compassion goes a long way. The strong desire to support me was incredible and helped me a lot to cope and understand the process.


An extremely empowering organization – they work miracles and are fighting for a holy cause. Yasher Koach!


Mavoi Satum was my saving grace during a challenging time. I had recently been through a grueling and expensive legal battle with complicated legal repercussions, resulting in a feeling of hopelessness. The first time I entered the office I felt I was entering into my own home, with a new family. The environment embraces you and takes care of you. The attorney that was appointed to me was available at all times, always with a solution at hand and a soothing tone. The support did not stop at the legal level though, the lawyer was always ready with words of encouragement, support and inclusion on a personal level. After every conversation with her I felt as if a large weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I have progressed significantly on a legal level and this is thanks to her dedicated guidance. Thanks to everyone for all of your help at one point or another. I wish you could free all the women you represent from the burden of their abusers and the pain of an establishment that does not always run smoothly. I truly appreciate it.


I came to a Mavoi Satum when I was in a very dark place … I was going through a separation from my husband while I had little twins at home and another child on the way. For almost three years he refused to give me a Get, while he continued with his life and refused to pay alimony … he simply left me alone. I was not only fighting for my three tiny children, but also for him to release me. He would only provide a Get on condition that both the Ketubah and alimony requirements were nullified. The lawyer I got from this organization was truly unbelievable!!!!!! An amazing woman, sharp, eloquent and very professional!!!! My husband managed to avoid the first hearing. By the second hearing, that was no longer an option for him… (needless to say, the lawyer took care of it!) And then she did what the previous lawyers had consistently failed at doing – I was simply shocked! The support, the attentiveness, the patience, the care. These were not taken for granted. I admire you for the sacred work you do and how you manage to infuse calmness and comfort without sparing any explanations or solutions. Thanks! Thank you for caring, thank you for not giving up and for doing everything with such amazing professionalism and warmth. Unfortunately I knew of more women who were in my situation – and I referred them to you, so thank you for being there for us all!!


I came to the Mavoi Satum offices twice and all the lawyers and social workers really listened to me. They helped me finally get the divorce I was fighting for. They worked for me tirelessly, and always answered my questions until I was fully reassured. The lawyer helped me reach my goals after 5.5 years. She worked her way gracefully through the legal system, she comforted my parents outside the courthouse and she rejoiced in my joy.


I found an attentive ear, warmth and love – an unparalleled service. Thank you so much for everything.


From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all the women of the dedicated and warm staff at Mavoi Satum. Were it not for the professional and comprehensive care provided by the organization, I would not have progressed legally, mentally and personally. There are no words to describe the level of care. I felt as though I had a shoulder to lean on, a new, warm family who was looking out for me. Thank you!


For a year and a half I felt desperate and like nothing was progressing, but when the Mavoi Satum lawyer came into the picture, my entire world opened up. A huge thank you to the organization that was there for me through it all.


I really appreciate the way I was treated. I received a warm welcome every time I walked in, as well as endless patience from the staff. This treatment contributed greatly to my development and helped me build trust for the long-term. Thank you very much and Yasher Koach for your honorable efforts.


It is very encouraging to have a womens’ organization that understands the plight of women who are refused a Get. It gave me confidence to face the rabbinate and my husband and made me understand that it is not embarrassing to receive help and support. The staff was extremely approachable and attentive.


Mavoi Satum really helped me get my divorce. I’m grateful to them for all their help and guidance.


When the hearing was rescheduled from today to tomorrow, Shir, my lawyer from Mavoi Satum rearranged her scheduled so she could appear at my hearing,
although it was a deliberation which I was exempt from. I was so moved! Why would someone do something so kind for me? I was so used to no one helping me.


The social worker who accompanied me is an amazing and strong woman. I felt that she was giving it her all and that was exactly what I needed at that time.


You are wonderful! I received individualized and remarkable treatment from you. Every phone call was always answered in a beautiful, sensitive and professional way. You made it clear that you cared about me. The process I went through with you strengthened me. You taught me to never give up on anything. I really appreciate what you did for me and that you were there for me.


You are a wonderful and remarkable organization – I hope that everyone in need has the privilege of working with you”
Aviva “Eternally grateful


I feel as though I finally came home. Without Mavoi Satum and the support of the social workers, I do not know how I would have managed. They provided a breath of fresh air, stability and a reason to smile to women who need it the most – and that is amazing to me.


Thanks to the amazing connection I had with Adv. Batya Cohen, Mavoi Satum allowed me to feel safe from the very beginning and throughout the entire process. I did not feel a moment of insecurity but rather the exact opposite, I knew that all I needed to do was be patient and that the divorce would be taken care of. I would like to thank all the staff from Mavoi Satum and most of all to the amazing Adv. Batya Cohen. She is not just an attorney who worked on my case, she is an angel sent from heaven.


Eternally grateful


For me, Mavoi Satum was the support system that guided me through the end of my relationship with my husband. They supported, encouraged, directed and went above and beyond. They helped me mentally and gave me a feeling that every difficult moment would pass. From the moment they came into the picture, it took 3 short hearings for my issue to be resolved. They are the reason I am free today. I fully support their approach and believe that thanks to them more women will be set free.