D was married for 10 years and spent 6 of those years trying to separate from her husband .She filed a claim for child support  in the Bet Din , and a divorce agreement was signed between the parties in which custody and child support  was agreed upon. It was also decided to settle mutual claims.  Despite the signed agreement, D’s husband refused to grant her a divorce and he demanded “shalom bayit” even though they had been living apart for over a year.   After a number of hearings the bet din  demanded that  D’s husband  grant her divorce since the parties were separated and he was not fulfilling  any of his duties as a husband or a father.

Despite the ruling ordering the husband to grant a get, the husband refused to do so on several occasions when he was summoned to the bet din. At this point D approached Mavoi Satum, and we began to represent her. We applied to the bet din to compel the husband to grant a divorce and for the bet din to impose sanctions against him. The parties were granted a hearing in which the husband did not appear. The bet din preferred to settle the issue through mediation but the mediation failed . Mavoi Satum appealed to the bet din to immediately issue a “chiyuv get” (a divorce order) and a restraining order including a ruling that he must pay child support. Following our request D’s husband granted her a divorce after 7 years of separation.