I came to a Mavoi Satum when I was in a very dark place … I was going through a separation from my husband while I had little twins at home and another child on the way. For almost three years he refused to give me a Get, while he continued with his life and refused to pay alimony … he simply left me alone. I was not only fighting for my three tiny children, but also for him to release me. He would only provide a Get on condition that both the Ketubah and alimony requirements were nullified. The lawyer I got from this organization was truly unbelievable!!!!!! An amazing woman, sharp, eloquent and very professional!!!! My husband managed to avoid the first hearing. By the second hearing, that was no longer an option for him… (needless to say, the lawyer took care of it!) And then she did what the previous lawyers had consistently failed at doing – I was simply shocked! The support, the attentiveness, the patience, the care. These were not taken for granted. I admire you for the sacred work you do and how you manage to infuse calmness and comfort without sparing any explanations or solutions. Thanks! Thank you for caring, thank you for not giving up and for doing everything with such amazing professionalism and warmth. Unfortunately I knew of more women who were in my situation – and I referred them to you, so thank you for being there for us all!!