About Us

Mavoi Satum was founded in 1995 by Leah Ain Globe, a 90 year old activist who collected the shocking stories of women held hostage by

Our Story

Mavoi Satum was founded in 1995 by Leah Globe, of blessed memory, a wise and compassionate woman. She passed away in 2001 just three months

Our Staff

Orit Lahav Adv., Executive Director Orit Lahav is a lawyer specializing in issues of government and politics and the intersection of religion and state. She

Committee Members

Yael Bitton Yael holds a BA from Barnard College and an LLB from Hebrew University Faculty of Law. She is a government lawyer and lives

Executive Board

Kylie Eisman Lifschitz Chairwoman Kylie is an Australian born lawyer who practiced intellectual property law in the Israeli hi-tech sector for five years before moving