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10 years ‘chained’: Oshrat’s freedom might depend on a pedophile

26 August 2020

From the article:

Discovering that one of the witnesses at her marriage is a convicted pedophile seemed like the breakthrough Oshrat needed to be free of her unwanted marriage. Now, at a critical juncture for Oshrat’s case, the Beit Din will decide whether to re-evaluate her argument that the marriage she has been fighting to leave for 10 years was void the entire time.

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Mavoi Satum stands with Am Yisrael during this difficult time and prays for the safety of our soldiers and the quick return of all hostages. We also pray that women will not be left behind as agunot after the war.

We are doing our part to keep the homefront strong, committed to protecting women from further suffering and helping them gain freedom from marriage entrappment.

Join us in these efforts – couples can sign a halachic protective document to grant others’ power of attorney to give a get.


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